Scott Equipment, Inc. (SEI) has two primary markets. On-Premises Laundry is a term for non-coin equipment for all in-house laundries such as those found in hotels and hospitals. Our other market is Coin Laundry, which consists of coin equipment for Laundromats and apartment laundries.

Our commitment to serve these two broad markets goes far beyond the supply of commercial washers and dryers. We stock and sell many other ancillary products to make your laundry dependable and efficient. Below is a just a partial list of the products we represent:

On-Premises Laundry Equipment

• Commercial Washers, Dryers and Other Equipment -
• Ironer/Folder -
• Ozone -
• Baskets -
• Scales -
• In Line Exhaust Lint Filters -
• Folding Tables -

Coin Laundry Equipment

• Front Load Washers and 30lb Dryers -
• Top Load Washers and 20lb Dryers -
• Change Machines -
• Utility Racks -
• Debit Card/Coin Slides -
• Baskets -
• Folding Tables
• Garbage Cans -
• Folding Tables -
• Soap Vending Machines -